C&H Animal Rescue 

Centrally Located in Long Island-Also serving Hudson Valley! 

Adopt - Rehabilitate - Train
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~ Chelsea is a sweet loving 10 year old. She is good with other dogs and cats. She is a perfect companion. She is calm and likes to cuddle. Chelsea would do best with a non active home that is quiet. She is in perfect health and up to date. 
 ~Holly is a sweet 4 year old Staffie/lab basenji mix. She is good with other dogs cats and kids.  She is house trained and very loyal. She is just a gentile docile calm quiet girl all around great companion. She knows basic commands and enjoys much relaxing. Located in Medford NY.

House trained, loves cats, kids and other dogs! She is a small 40 lb mix but looks like a pure bred German Shepherd!  

Thelma is 2 year old and fully vetted!  She is located in East Northport, NY.  

Abby & Jacks

Extremely sweet! They are a bonded pair saved from euthanasia after their human mom passed away. They are great with kids and love to go for walks. 

They are good with cats and other animals. They are very friendly and enjoy the company of their adopters. 

They are wee wee pad trained, and would do well in an apartment. To adopt contact us. 

Donation is $200 for both

Twiddle Dee & Tweedle
These geese are a bonded pair saved from meat slaughter. 

They are great guard geese and are good with other birds. 

As a male and female pair they do lay eggs during the season! These are large birds and we are looking for an experienced home.
Meet Beets the parrot he went through a depression after being rescued. He needs a trusting home seems to prefers men. He talks and sings. Looking for a trusting experienced home. There is a fee. Centereach Ny
Rose is friendly sweet Chinchilla. She enjoys lettuce and her treats. She is vocal and will speak and make noises. She enjoys playing with the dogs and is approximately 2 years old. Centereach Ny.