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Don't all dogs need a forever home ? 
The answer here is Yes, We have Found homes for many dogs but some dogs have behavioral issues that prevent them from going to their forever homes  and only some people can understand the dogs needs. Each dog has suffered some form of abuse and these sanctuary dogs are the ones we will give a forever home here with us. To keep these dogs fed, vetted and on proper preventative it is roughly $8 a day. Please help us by donating to our life long behavioral sanctuary dogs below. Thank you!
Sanctuary Dogs
Meet Bialy he is a one person dog. His forever home loves him as he is the one and only dog and is very jealous of others human and canine. He has been with the sanctuary program for over a year and after being placed multiple times he will always stay safe here with us. 
Meet Mia the protector and rightfully so after she was terribly abused and thrown into the Hudson river and found there. She has been with us for 2 years. We have learned she hates water and cannot be bathed. She is human aggressive but after being intensively rehabilitated lives her days in a pack of 4-5 other canines and 2 cats and is handled well by two people that love and trust her. She has been deemed a sanctuary dog and will stay with us forever.  
Lola is considered and deemed fear aggressive. After our partner rescue Amsterdog and ourselves worked hard to place her, she was finally placed where she needed to be.  She is a French bulldog mix about 3yrs old. She resides in a loving understanding home in Rhode Island. We will keep Lola posted to remind us all that every dog has its forever home and not to give up on the tough ones. No funding will be accepted in Lolas's name she is well cared for in her adopters hands. Jan 2015.
Laddy is a 12 year old collie, He was found hit by a car and abandon. Due to medical reasoning he is not adoptable and will be a  sanctuary dogs for the rest of his days. He suffers from arthritis and has a severely fractured right front leg that dangles. Due to his age and breed the vet has recommended not to remove the leg.  He has been with the rescue now since 2013.